Thursday, August 6, 2009

the woman in yellow

rest in peace, tita cory. maraming salamat po.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

my laptop in a vivienne tam

i am loving the notebook. super. kahit super limited ang powers niya (even the hp guy wants me to buy another model) at kahit $200 siyang mas mahal sa normal notebook all because of the itsura. its totally impractical but enormous wondrous humongous fun!!!!! wohoo!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rainy days are mondays

watercolor on paper, Lester B. Rodriguez

I attended the art fair last saturday and saw this beautiful painting by the door. i instantly thought, magaling super the painter kasi ung lighting super nice. as in. and then, magpapapicture sana ako kaya lang there was a group of girls na nagpipicture with the painting so sa iba na lang. and besides, parang hindi mayadong happy colors, at super mahal, there is no way i can buy. like 120K or something. so dun na lang sa mga may pag-asa akong mabili. haha. anyway, fast forward to yesterday, habang nagfafacebook ako, my high school classmate T posted something about his paintings in the art fair. and whoaaaa! ito ang painting niya! siyempre, naharass ako, i had to talk to him. haha. as in when he said the title, parang OMG! i knew that! I knew that! Grabe. Super talented pa rin si T! walang kupas! at hindi ko maget over, P120K each painting! OMG! Im sooo proud of you! Libre! Libre! haha.

Monday, July 20, 2009

art fair

i was supposed to attend the thursday opening of the manila art '09 at the nbc tent but it was super raining that night, i decided not to. but i met with my friend P! saturday night to finally see the exhibit. as usual, it was just oohlala! ang galing ng filipinos, i swear! at may bago akong favorite. my daddy has to see! my daddy has to see! parang malang-ish ung dating because the gallery owner told me the artist (Francis)is part of Malang's Saturday group
. and of course, Kitty Tanigumi's work, super super i love!

kawaii incomplete

Y took a break from "really studying" to meet with F! and me since we were in the same area din naman. and off we went to T! which i think is a good thing because it widens our world, except both of them think its i dont want to say here. haha

food trip

F! had a sleepover in my house para magjogging sa alma mater niya while i worked. hmmph. dahil kakaburn lang niya ng calories, lets go fatty foods tayo, which i actually love. haha.


spent friday night with F! na nagdala ng AH1N1 from Cebu! Haha. Went to church and had dinner sa isang restaurant sa tapat ng church. and i had coke zero (walang light) sa bote! OMG! im really loving K! these days. its soooo like the place where i grew up.:)